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A look at some of the races in the Aug. 5 primary election

Michigan’s 5th Congressional District

Republicans Allen D. Hardwick of Davison and Tom Whitmire of Flushing will square off in the Aug. 5 primary for the Republican nomination for Michigan’s 5th Congressional seat, currently held by incumbent Dan Kildee (D-Flint). Kildee is unopposed in the primary.

Whitmire did not respond to our questionnaire.

Allen D. Hardwick

Age: 50

Hometown: Born in Ypsilanti, MI, Raised in Whitmore Lake, MI and Bainbridge, OH. Recently moved to Davison.

Family: Spouse: Lynn Hardwick; Children: James Hardwick, Patrick Hardwick, Courtani Hardwick, Adam Hardwick, Elisha Hardwick

Education: High School Graduate - Paint Valley High School, Bainbridge, OH; Trade School Graduate - Pickaway-Ross VoTech - Apprentice Electrician - Class of 1981

Employment: Owner and sole proprietor of Computech Computer Services since 2000, Prior owner and sole proprietor of NetWorks Web Design.

Previous political experience: None

What qualities do you offer if elected?: True representation in Washington with focus on lowering fuel prices and bringing job growth back to the district. Reducing the reach of the EPA that is putting so many restrictions on farming. Currently Flint is on the same path as Detroit and if we make this area more profitable for business growth this course can be reversed. More jobs and job opportunities will result in lower crime rates and more prosperity.

Sum up the issues in your own words: What the district is facing is what most everyone is. Cost of living is growing much faster than incomes. Good jobs are hard to find and people are not able to keep their standard of living much less get ahead and plan for their future.

I plan on reducing government over reach and ease restriction on businesses so they can be more profitable and create more jobs here instead of other countries. Reduce or eliminate our dependency on foreign oil and use our own natural resources to their fullest potential. Lower the cost of energy and everything else will follow.

Michigan’s State House of Representatives, 51st District

Sheila Barr of Goodrich and Incumbent Joseph Graves will vie for the Republican nomination for the 51st District seat in the Aug. 5 primary.

The winner of that match-up will then face Ken Thomas of Flint, a Democrat, in November.

Sheila Barr

Age: 45

Hometown: Goodrich

Family: Two awesome children; Katie, age 21 and Fred, age 19

Education: I graduated cum laude from Wayne State University with a degree in Public Policy, co-major in Peace & Conflict Studies, minor in Psychology and formally trained in Mediation and Service Excellence.

Employment: Hurley Medical Center and the Community Resolution Center for the 68th District Court as a mediator.

*Past employment-Health Care & Marketing Rep. for Beaumont Health System; Computer Programming for Macomb County Sheriff’s Dept.; Securities Clerk for First of Michigan Brokerage Firm.

Previous political experience: I have a degree in public policy and a strong passion to pursue a career in public service.

What qualities do you offer if elected?: Loyalty, compassion, dedication, conflict resolution, and leadership. It’s time to work on shared interests instead of taking extreme positions. We are all getting seasick by rocking the boat to the left and to the right. I want to steady the ship. I have strong conflict resolution skills to keep our leaders focused on mutual gains. My loyalty, dedication and compassion for others will serve well to ensure that when decisions are made it will be in the best interest of the people in my district.

Sum up the issues in your own words: Affordable health insurance that was promised and not delivered, effects of natural gas pipeline development, extreme oppositional positions, excessive and costly regulatory policies, and road funding.

A legislator is a voice of the people that it represents. Legislature must also uphold the 14th Amendment to guarantee their constituents equal protection of the law by formulating policies ensuring that popular majorities don’t take unfair advantage of unpopular minorities. I will keep the focus on alternative solutions that are satisfying to both sides of any issue, as to not compromise peoples’ values, belief systems or wallets; develop policies that provide for effective implementation by streamlining broad regulatory policies that will directly aim at the core issues instead of vaguely representing them, act as a liaison between Lansing and each township within my district on legislative issues to keep them fully informed and engaged in the decision making process.

Joseph Graves

Age: 60

Hometown: Argentine Township

Family: I have been married to my wife Denise for over 30 years. We have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.

Education: I have a bachelor’s degree from Siena Heights University and a master of business administration degree from Baker College with a concentration in leadership.

Employment: I have had the high honor of serving as state representative since March 2012. Previous to that I was an engineer for GM for 32 years. I also own a real estate and engineering consulting company called J&D select.

Previous political experience: I served as Argentine Township trustee, Argentine Township Clerk and Genesee County Commissioner.

What qualities do you offer if elected?: During the time I have served in office I have made the commitment to be available to the residents of the 51st House District, provide excellent constituent relations to individuals needing assistance and being someone that listens and cares about people’s problems. I am passionate about Michigan and I am an ardent supporter of our communities. If re-elected as state representative, I will continue being a strong advocate for the 51st District to be a place where families and individuals want to live, work and play.

Sum up the issues in your own words: When talking to voters and knocking on doors, people tell me they are always concerned about jobs and our economy. My parents were cotton farmers from Missouri and moved to Michigan because of the opportunity they saw. Now I have 12 grandchildren and I want to make sure they have every opportunity to stay in Michigan. That is why as state representative, I have fought to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome red tape that hinders job growth.

The second thing I hear about is public safety. To have a strong economy in our region we must have safe communities where families want to live and in which businesses want to invest. I have been a strong advocate to provide the tools and resources public safety professionals need to be successful. I’m proud to say violent crime in Flint fell by nearly 30 percent in 2013. While it is a good step in the right direction we must continue that.

Finally, everyone knows we need to fix our roads. I drive thousands of miles each month all over the 51st District and know firsthand the poor condition our roads are in. I am committed to finding a long-term solution to fixing Michigan roads. That starts with streamlining government, making it more efficient and prior- itizing our spending so that roads and bridges get the funding then need. Taxpayers should not have to pay additional taxes until state government tights its belt and prioritizes spending.

I will continue to streamline government regulations and work tirelessly to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. I will continue to advocate for more state troopers on our streets. The investments we have made have shown great results and we must continue to support our police and fire professionals. – G.G.

Michigan’s State House of Representatives, 49th District

Phil Phelps of Flushing and Kyle Cawood of Flint will vie Aug. 5 for the Democratic nomination to run for the 49th District House race in November. The winner of the primary race will face-off with Republican LuPenton of Flint, who is unopposed in the primary.

Phelps did not respond to our questionnaire. Here’s what Cawood had to say on the View’s election questionnaire.

Kyle Cawood

Age: 32

Hometown: Flint

Family: Divorced, 3 children, ages 4, 9, 13.

Education: AA, AS, AGS, and AAS Business at Mott Community College, pursuing BSN at University of Michigan Flint

Employment: Hurley Medical Center, Social Security Administration, PESG

Previous political experience: Primary candidate for 49th State House 2010, Mott Board of Trustees candidate 2011.

What qualities do you offer if elected?: I hope to inspire constituents to be active within the community, to spur growth and innovation from within.

What do you think the most important issues are facing voters in your district?: Employment at a livable wage/Social Programs

Education, more funding support, invest in our future,

Veteran’s benefits administration. MI ranked 53rd behind Puerto Rico and Guam

Sum up the issues in your own words: I will be active in community projects and events, while pushing legislation that will aid our needs and recovery. – G.G.

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