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Winchester Village streets need repair

Winchester Village’s streets are the worst in the city. The schools are located there, so most of you have used them. The buses use them when they take your kids to and from school. Those buses may not travel your road, but said buses are very heavy and damage the roads. Winchester gets a lot of school traffic not only with buses, but with the high school students who drive them as well.

It is time to ask yourself if the residents of Winchester Village should bear the burden alone as proposed by the city council, or have a shared tax increase that will keep all the streets in Swartz Creek in good condition.

Roads don’t last forever and your street could be next. Everyone in Swartz Creek will benefit with higher home values because schools and low crime are the two main reasons why people move into an area. It will cost everyone a little and everyone will benefit in the long run.

When our DO NOTHING legislature returns and comes up with a plan or gas tax, we can proceed knowing what we will face at that time. I am asking you to vote “yes” on a city-wide tax for our roads. It shouldn’t come down to the good people of Winchester Village to bear the burden alone. — Roberta Diaz-Cobb

(Editor’s Note: The City Council has made no decision regarding funding road repairs. They have only asked residents how they should fund repairs. At this time, there is no ballot question.)

Deputy clerk creates rift over P.O. Box

In response to “Return address, Gaines P.O. box dispute re-opened, “Swartz Creek View, July 10, 2014, p. 7 by Lania Rocha, perhaps a better title would have been “Gaines Township Deputy Clerk, not an elected official, oversteps her duties authorizing the Post Master to redirect all the township’s mail.” In a letter to the supervisor’s office, the Post Master requested a response from the board, which prompted the supervisor to bring the matter forth under communications at the July 2, 2014 board meeting. From a public perspective, just the mention of the P.O. box seemed to open the flood gates for a rehashing of the issue, completely ignoring the fact that it was already settled earlier in March of this year for the township to receive it’s mail at the roadside box.

Being a regular attendee at the board meetings and having followed the issue very carefully, it is obvious that the year-long dispute has depicted a power struggle among the three board members who were not in favor of the change. It wasn’t long before previous claims by the Treasurer, relevant to the roadside delivery, were quickly squelched by the facts, i.e., there is no evidence of past damage or theft to the roadside mailbox nor was there any evidence of mail being delivered after township closing hours. What the elimination of the P.O. box would accomplish is no more day and a half mail delays and a savings to the taxpayers of approximately $4000/year, an expenditure paid in additional wages and mileage to the Deputy Treasurer. Implementation of the roadside box delivery only changed the procedure of how the mail would be delivered to the township. The key to the roadside box is accessible to office staff as well as the Clerk. Now just four months later, we have the usurping of power by the Deputy Clerk, authorizing the Post Master to redirect all the mail back to the P.O. box. Additionally, the Deputy Clerk stated in the letter that the township mail collection and distribution was in the domain of the Clerk while accusing the supervisor of breaking the law. With access to the roadside box key, it is pretty clear that the Clerk could go out and collect the mail and distribute it.

I do not understand what law is being broken since there is nothing standing in his way, except perhaps a full-time position in Grand Blanc.

The article failed to clearly mention the board vote that took place at the July 2 meeting. The majority decision is that the mail will remain as roadside delivery at Gaines Township and the long standing practice in policies/ procedures of the office secretary collection and distribution of the mail will be directed to the Clerk. That being said, you may want to check the return address on your summer tax bill as apparently, the township Treasurer has replaced the Grand Blanc address with P.O. Box number. — Etter Deal, Gaines Township

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