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Village of Lennon short on council candidates

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LENNON – Village residents could to end up with a council of mostly appointed representatives.

“There are a few of us who are just tired of serving on the council,” said Clerk William Sprague. “We’ve taken all we can take. We’ve had enough and we’re getting out.”

Sprague, President John Sprague, Treasurer Gayle Raymond and Councilmen Wade Alderman are not seeking re-election to the nine-member board.

In addition, Councilman James Lanfrankie, who was appointed to fill a vacancy, is not seeking to retain his post.

Councilman Robert Widigan was the only candidate to file by the deadline. He has no opposition.

As it stands, Widigan and three council members whose terms are not expiring – Barbara Baker-Omerod, Keith St. Clair and David Mayers – will get to appoint five people to complete the council after the election, said Sprague.

“It will be interesting. It’s gonna be real interesting,” said Sprague.

Widigan still could end up with some competition, and other candidates could come forward by the Oct. 24 deadline to file declarations of intent to run as write-in candidates, said Sprague.

“As near as I can tell, we have a few people interested,” he said. “It’s only a handful, and they’re kind of worried about it.”

Write-ins could get elected just by voting for themselves, he said.

The problem with attracting candidates is that differences of opinion have led to some heated exchanges between council members, said Sprague.

“We’ve had a number of meetings that were real stormy,” he said. “A couple of them got out of control. There is a serious problem out here.”

Sprague did not specify any points of contention.

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