2014-10-02 / News Briefs

In brief

No smoking … please

SWARTZ CREEK – With enforcement protocols unclear, the City Council has yet to rule on whether to ban smoking in the parks.

Council members are considering several rule updates that the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board have suggested.

The updates include a smoking ban, including prohibition of electronic cigarettes and similar devices.

“Good luck with that,” said Mayor Pro Tem Richard B. Abrams, who pointed out that the recommendations do not address penalties for breaking the rules.

Mayor David Krueger countered that it isn’t out of order for city leaders to enact park rules “to let our residents know that this is the conduct we expect from them as citizens.”

City Manager Adam Zettel added, “We owe it to our residents” to send police officers to the parks to talk to people who are breaking the rules.

“It’s like the speed limit,” said Zettel. “We’re not going to catch everyone who speeds and we’re not going to pull them over for going 31. Look at the rules as a way to make the parks a better place.” – L.R.

No, really, it’ll get fixed

SWARTZ CREEK – City officials aren’t happy about the lack of – or absence of – progress on the Winshall Park pavilion that was damaged in the December ice storms.

“It happened last winter,” said Mayor David Krueger. “It’s now fall. The whole summer has been lost.”

The damage occurred when a colossal branch from a nearby tree snapped under the weight of ice buildup, and crashed onto the pavilion, buckling the metal roof.

The city’s insurance provider sought bids and subsequently hired the low bidder, who ended up being a no-show. Similar issues were encountered with the second company hired to do the job.

The insurance company is now working with a third company.

Unfortunately, that company’s work schedule was shaken up when damaging storms his southeastern Michigan, sending the company into “emergency mode” a few weeks ago.

Plans are to complete the repairs this week, said City Manager Adam Zettel.

“I have made our displeasure known to the insurance provider,” Zettel wrote in his semi-monthly report to City Council. – L.R.

Scrapbooking day at Holy Rosary

GENESEE TWP. — Holy Rosary Scrapbooking Day is Oct. 11 from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. at Holy Rosary,

5191 Richfield Rd. There will be vendors, raffles, all day snacks, lunch and dinner. The cost is $35. Details: Call 810- 241-3558. – G.G.

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