2014-10-02 / Viewpoint

Clarifying facts over falsehoods

In response to Chuck Timmons’ letter to the editor “Fact versus Falsehoods” on Thursday, September 4, 2014:

Again, I say, simply repeating to others what someone has told you does not make a statement true.

In the April 3, 2013 Regular Board minutes stands a “motion by Dowler; supported by Timmons, to continue using the Gaines Post Office box for township mail with clerk getting mail with no mileage charged until the end of the year.” The motion passed with a 5-0 vote. October is not the end of the year and the Deputy Clerk did not override a Board decision by paying for the use of the post office box until the end of the year. The P.O. Box has always been paid out of the “Office Supply” line.

It was explained to the Clerk’s office that our post office box mail is NOT delivered to the Gaines Post Office by our mail carrier. It is in FACT delivered to the post office via a U.S. Mail hauling truck which delivers the mail around 6 a.m. making it available earlier than when we get it at the road, not 24 hours behind as you claim. The Postmaster has no reason to tell the Supervisor and the Clerk two different stories.

There were several statements edited out of my previous response. One was “In the letter to the Postmaster, the Supervisor states, “I have included the minutes of the December 2013 board meeting which approved the purchase of the PO Box and the cost. The motion does not discuss it use.” Why purchase something and not use it? Wasteful spending and going against Board action? Who is overstepping their duties?”

In the March 6, 2013 Regular Board minutes stands another “motion by Purdy; supported by Hyrman, to allow employees and board members to work their own schedules at the board’s discretion.” Continuously scrutinizing the Clerk because he has a full-time position elsewhere is a moot point. Why is the Supervisor not scrutinized for having a full-time job elsewhere?

Another edit was that “rather than trying to tear people down and destroy them, I find that my time as a public servant is better spent working toward the improvement of the Township for the benefit of all residents.” — Karen Hawkins, Gaines Township Deputy Clerk

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