2014-10-02 / Viewpoint

Concerns for Swartz Creek city council decisions

I am growing more concerned by the actions of the council by the day. Most members have been there for at least seven years. When they voted for S.A.D. without allowing the citizens a vote on it, I didn’t think it was fair to the taxpayers. The council voted to pay more for a place to vote even though we have the Cage, and the P.A.C. If we pay those places, the money stays in the schools and in the community where it belongs. No vote for the public on that either.

Now, according to the View they are considering consolidating two police departments. The View mentioned only one commenter. I would like to know what everybody had to say. I wonder what happened to the “hometown feel” of a small local police department that needed the extra money, and received through the S.A.D. vote. Why didn’t the consolidation with the 24 percent savings come up before the Special Assessment District vote?

Next is the idea of rewriting the charter. I worry what that’s going to look like; probably without voter input would be my guess.

Really, my biggest concern is that these things are going on as the time to run for a city council position runs out.

I decided to run after the S.A.D took place without voting. I have never held a position before, but I love to research and ponder situations. I believe that attending council meetings and voicing your opinions is very important. The next meeting is on Oct. 13 and then Oct. 27. Please attend and get up to that podium. It is your town. I think the city council would benefit and better serve you when you step up. Let your your voice and concerns for Swartz Creek be heard.

One last thing, how could we afford a $27,000 raise for a city manager? This was decided by the present council without any citizen input to my knowledge. Adam Zettle is a nice man, but Swartz Creek only has only about 5,000 citizens. City council awarded him a pay check of $89,000 per year. The city of

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