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Rocky road

Road commission to make roundabout safer
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GAINES TOWNSHIP and MUNDY TOWNSHIP – When the county Road Commission installed the roundabout at Hill and Elms roads, they filled the center island with stones.

As a design feature, the rock garden offers a certain ambiance. From a safety standpoint, however, it’s problematic.

Now, the county wants Gaines and Mundy townships to pitch in on the $28,600 cost to change it.

Gaines Township officials have agreed, albeit reluctantly.

According to township Supervisor Paul Fortino, people with four-wheelers have been getting into the rock garden, peeling out and throwing stones all over the road.

At the Wednesday, June 7, meeting, Fortino told the township Board of Trustees that the county asked the township to pay $6,500 toward the cost of replacing the rocks with concrete.

“I told (the county) that the township was against this to begin with, and I didn’t think there’d be much support (for chipping in),” Fortino said.

He added that the roundabout sits at the intersection of three primary roads, which are under the county’s jurisdiction, and one local road that straddles Gaines and Mundy townships.

At $6,500, the township would be paying for part of the share for the primary roads, he said.

“It’s the principle of the thing,” said township Trustee Lee Purdy. “We didn’t want this.”

But township Trustee Matt Moros pointed out that rocks in the roadway are dangerous, especially to motorcyclists.

“Well, then it goes to citizen safety, and away from principle,” said Purdy.

“The maintenance guys are out there constantly putting the rocks back,” said Moros.

In the end, the board voted to put up $3,250 – half of the cost for the local road portion.

Fortino said he does not know what the county plans to do with the rocks once they’re removed.

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