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City Council OK’s new motto, tells DDA to pick a different logo

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SWARTZ CREEK – The ball is back in the Downtown Development Authority’s court in the continuing saga of selecting a logo for the City of Swartz Creek.

The council did agree on one thing, though: the motto “Where Town and Country Meet,” which is a variation of the DDA’s recommendation of “Where Town and Country Join Hands.”

After vetoing the DDA’s recommendation and deliberating about whether the emblem should be simpler, more modern … or include a dragon … council members opted to send the matter back to the authority with instructions to pick something other than the image of the barn and downtown flower shop.

As the situation now stands:

Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Pinkston and Councilman John Gilbert say they want the logo to include a dragon, although Pinkston says he also likes the old image of the barn and high-rise with the creek running between them.

Councilwoman Rae Lynn Hicks and Councilman Jim Florence say they like the more streamlined designs that depict an arch, the words “Swartz Creek” and the slogan “Where Town and Country Meet,” but with “better colors” than the muted earth tones the consultants provided in their samples.

Councilman Dennis Cramer says he believes the DDA should have a contest to get the community involved in designing the logo.

Although Pinkston and Cramer say they don’t like any of the sample images, Pinkston says it would be a “low blow” to the DDA to bypass them and go to the community after they’ve put so much time into the project.

Pinkston says he’s tired of discussing it and he wants the DDA to handle it.

The DDA hired a consulting firm to create the logo and tagline, and develop a brand strategy for the city, last year. City Manager Adam Zettel said the biggest expense with the consultant is the execution of the brand strategy after city leaders settle on the image and motto.

Consultants provided 29 sample logos, although many were variations of one of four or five main designs. Many of the designs depicted arches and/or the creek.

The DDA will reconsider the logo dilemma when they meet at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 15, at city hall.

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