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Park board still mulling ideas for repurposing old tennis court

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SWARTZ CREEK – In the ongoing effort to improve the city’s parks system, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is looking to repurpose the rundown tennis court at Abrams Park.

“Something has to be done,” said park board member Joe Perrault.

It might seem as simple as making a decision and executing a plan, but it’s not. Because the court originally was grant-funded, the city may be limited on what they can do with it.

There’s also the not-so-small matter of the trees that shed all over the court in the fall.

“We can clean it, but within the week, it’s covered again,” said the city’s Department of Public Services Director Tom Svrcek.

The park board bandied about a couple of ideas at their Oct. 3 meeting, and one that seemed to pique their interest most was a skate park.

“I’ve seen a lot of cities that have done that,” said board member Rick Henry. “It doesn’t have to be huge. A couple of bars and small jumps, just something small to run skateboards over would be good.”

City Manager Adam Zettel said a skate park makes sense, but “we still have the problem of the leaf drop, which makes anything difficult.”

The board also talked about replacing the court with a gaga ball pit.

Currently, the court is a bit of an eyesore. The surface is cracked and Svrcek said it’s rarely used.

The DPS might try to flood it and make an ice rink this winter, but when the sun hits the ice with the asphalt underneath, it melts quickly, he said.

“We have to come up with some other use for that tennis court,” said Zettel.

Park board Chairman Rae Lynn Hicks advised board members to put on their thinking caps and bring their ideas to the November board meeting.

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